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Seera Reports $2.8 Million Net Profit for 2015
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Seera Successfully Completes Sale of Kosan Crisplant for DKK 424 million
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Seera Reports $2.3 Million Net Profit for First Half of 2015
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buy clomid uk only Our strategy is to develop a diverse and balanced investment portfolio in established growth sectors, enabling us to deliver significant returns for investors in the short and medium term without being exposed to correspondingly high levels of risk. 

roundabout From our headquarters in Bahrain, we are able to capitalise on continuing growth and prosperity in the Middle East & MENA region whilst also making strategic investments in European, North American and other international markets.

Although no financial institution is completely immune from the effects of global economic conditions, we nonetheless enjoy the luxury of being able to pursue our investment strategy from a position of greater strength and stability.

Our investment strategy is based on objective and clear-sighted assessment of each opportunity, arriving at a thorough understanding of its potential by carefully matching the risk profile against its potential for reward. This requires robust self confidence, an open, progressive mindset and a willingness to look beyond the obvious. We may review numerous opportunities in any one year. Of these, we will only select a few that meet our stringent investment criteria.


Our investments include:

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