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Seera Reports $2.8 Million Net Profit for 2015
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Seera Successfully Completes Sale of Kosan Crisplant for DKK 424 million
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Seera Reports $2.3 Million Net Profit for First Half of 2015
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Corporate Governance

Shareholders Each share of the company shall confer equal rights and obligations for each shareholder registered as the owner of the shares.

Candiac These rights include receiving the declared dividend, nomination of Board members and the right to buy and sell shares. Shareholders also have the right to receive financial statements and reports issued by directors, auditor’s and the Shari’a Board and to access certain information related to their shareholding.

General assembly meetings are an important forum for shareholder involvement which they have the right to participate in and to vote on certain key topics. Topics for shareholder discussion and voting include:

  • Ordinary General Assembly Meeting:
    • Electing or dismissing members of the Board
    • Deciding on the remuneration of the Board
    • Appointment or dismissal of Shari’a Board
    • Considering the Board annual report and the financial position of the company
    • Absolving the directors from liability or otherwise
    • Approving the appointment of an auditor for the following financial year and fixing or delegating to the Board of Directors the fixing  of the annual audit fees
    • Reviewing the Auditors’ Report on the company’s financial statements for the past year
    • Approving the financial statements and approving the allocations of net profit and any proposed dividend payment
    • Discussing specific recommendations which require shareholder attention or approval
  • Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting
    • Amending the company’s memorandum and articles of association
    • Deciding to increase or decrease in the company’s capital
    • Winding up or merger

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