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BWA Water Additives

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In September 2008, Seera acquired BWA Water Additives, the leading global provider of high-performance water treatment chemicals, based in the UK.


The company’s products are used to treat corrosion in iron and steel, inorganic deposits on pumps and pipes and microbiological growth in process water. The chemicals are developed in the company’s laboratories in the UK and USA and sold in 90 countries around the world.

BWA’s key fundamentals which attracted Seera’s interest was its leadership position in the fast growing and important water treatment sector and its strength in developing new products through an experienced management team with in depth knowledge in the water treatment industry.

Given that BWA was acquired just before the onset of the financial crisis,  Seera worked in close partnership with company management to mitigate the impact of the crisis, restructure its balance sheet, and to grow its business.

In June 2011, Seera sold BWA in a transaction valuing the company at around $ 300 million. The sale has generated a total return on investment of around 75% with an IRR of around 25%.

The company was bought by Berwind Corporation, a US family-owned investment management company, with investments in a diversified portfolio of highly successful manufacturing and service companies.

“Seera’s Post Acquisition Management team developed an excellent relationship with BWA management over the past two and a half years, and worked very closely to provide an invaluable balance of support, advice and challenge. Their constructive involvement helped us drive strong business performance and deliver value to the benefit of all shareholders.”  Dr. David Cartmell, Chairman and CEO, BWA Water Additives