Chairman’s Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Seera Investment Bank’s website. Seera was established in 2006 at a time when the banking sector was going through an unprecedented period of growth. Our priority then was to source and employ the best qualified management team, define rigorous processes and install frameworks that would form the foundations of a robust financial institution.

We believe that Seera achieved these objectives and in spite of the subsequent difficult period in the world’s financial markets, was able to nurture its investment portfolio and see to the achievement of very sound business results.

Today, we continue to search the globe for unique investment opportunities and partnerships, businesses that will deliver superior value or benefit from changing global trends in the long term. At the same time, we continue to host a genuinely supportive and team-based working environment and to further strengthen our corporate governance framework, working constantly to enhance shareholder value.

We believe that in spite of the after effects of the financials crisis, the Gulf region will continue on its path to becoming one of the world’s key financial influencers, and that its entire business ecosystem will further grow in quality and sophistication. With its best-in-class processes, Seera’s internationally experienced management team is well-positioned to exploit these changes.

As Seera continues its focus on its long term goals, it has built sufficient flexibility in its business to adopt to challenging market conditions and to achieve continued growth. Overall, we believe that in the current global economic environment, financial institutions with a strong sense of responsibility and a deep understanding of business culture, both in the GCC region and further afield, have an excellent opportunity to prosper.


Chairman of the Board