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12 March 2014
Seera Investment Bank Announces 2013 Financial Results
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07 August 2013
Seera Reports $5.1 Million Profit for First Half of 2013
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26 February 2013
Seera Investment Bank Announces 2012 Financial Results
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Built on Strong Foundations

Focused on the Future

'Seera' comes from the Arabic word meaning a person's journey through life but can also be used to describe a legacy or biography. It supports very well our belief that investing is a responsibility and our path to investment must be equally responsible and long-sighted. The brand marque displays our openness. It depicts Seera as an open book whose story can be read and understood by everyone.

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Each page of the book is shaped like a compass point, emphasizing our clear vision and sense of direction. Five of the pages are coloured, reminiscent of the landscape, sea and setting sun which characterize our region.

Seera depicts the philosophy of our business and objectives, it aligns well with our policy of selecting investments that, over time and with quality leadership, will deliver returns of measurable benefit to our clients.


Join us on our journey of success.


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